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“Did you really see him make out with some guy lmao? The next afternoon, Ravi texted the news to Huang, pleading ignorance about what could have made Clementi do it. do you know what happened why he could commit suicide,” Huang asked. “He was quiet all the time and had no friends so i guess it makes sense.” Huang reminded Ravi of his earlier text. “Didn't you say there was like a viewing party once and didn't he have another guy or something.” Ravi answered: “No that was a joke.” Authorities say that once Clementi killed himself, Ravi tried to cover his tracks, editing a Twitter post in which he invited other students to spy on his roommate with him via i Chat.

Ravi faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy.

If you were to elaborate on this concept and take a group of beggers who were more socially acceptable than bums, then have them beg to people they actually knew – not just for money, but for “a Favor” – you’re sure to see better results than the bums on the street.

Even bums have documented success stories in which they have earned over 0,000 per year, yet none of us are running out to join that profession.

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(Come to think of it, much of the mag's content is now i Pad-centric.) Guess I'll let the subscription expire.

If not, and you’d prefer to use an AOL screen name, go to the AIM Web site (com) to sign up for a free account.

Although text chatting occurs in real time, it’s not the same as talking on the phone or in person.

Both services allow you to sign up for free screen names. Mac; if you decide not to pay for the full service, you still get to keep your . Go to Apple’s Web site (com/1/ichat.html) to sign up.

AIM If you already have an AOL account, your screen name is also used as your i Chat identity.